"High" w/ Disco For The People

"High", a song that tells of the longing for high and the desire to go far, all without the influence of drugs, but simply because a certain person can trigger that feeling in you. The beat is a bouncy four on the floor with many other percussive elements, the necessary groove, juicy chords, disco strings and soulful vocals. A late summer tune or a sunny evergreen for all sunshine kids and all those who know what feeling high is like. ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž

Exceptional w/ Coco Elane

Coco Elane joins Sittinonturtles on his/their latest release "Exceptional". Out now and already spreading 

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Terra Magnifica

Inner Ocean Records: 

Coco Elane treads new territory on Terra Magnifica, blending their career as a violist in the classical music scene with their love for beats and hip hop. What Coco created is something truly unique that steps outside of easy to define genres, which is when things get exciting! They also produced a full length music video to promote their single, evoking a magical secret garden to celebrate our magnificent earth!

Stream here 

by MC Blue Matter
by MC Blue Matter